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Unidentified, So Far

Did I Just See What I Thought I Saw?

You’re outside just minding your own business when it happens. You see something out of the corner of your eye. It’s different. It’s not a plane or anything else you are familiar with. Could it be a “UFO”? Could there really be otherlings flying around the earth?

Aside from the usual narrative of “beings from another planet”, here are some speculative ideas about UFOs:

-- Some think Germany didn’t lose WWII but went underground and are controlling things around the world from an unknown place having technology far beyond anything we have ever seen-- including flying saucers.

-- Still others believe there are inter-dimensional shape-shifting lizard beings piloting the questionable things in the sky.

In “The Book of Jeremy” Anita Tosh has written about these ambiguous UFOs from a Christian point of view. The Prologue introduces “The Dark Side” into the story. Here we see beyond the veil into the spirit world of fallen angels.

“The Book of Jeremy” covers five incredible years of Jeremy’s life. God gives him dreams and visions that help prepare him and his family for a topsy-turvy world where UFO’s play a major role as WWIII explodes around them. Not many Christians want to talk about UFO’s, but Jeremy has a vision that uncovers the truth about those flying saucers once and for all.

You can pre-order “The Book of Jeremy” at:

Or check your favorite book seller.

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