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The Zella Chronicles cover

The Zella Chronicles


Zella shows us that there is hope beyond the grave. Jesus was the first to prove this with his resurrection. Thousands saw him in his glorified body between resurrection and ascension. During this time Jesus could appear and disappear. He could eat, change his appearance and travel from heaven to earth and back again. 

These ideas are borrowed in The Zella Chronicles. Zella can sometimes be seen, other times be invisible.  She can change her appearance and travel back and forth from heaven and earth.

We too can one day have a body like this. When we know Jesus, we truly have a glorious hope!

What people are saying about                           Zella

"The author portrays a beautiful picture of heavenly events. The Zella Chronicles is a touching account of tragedies that people encounter in life. Anita's insight helps us see and understand how God is always working in our lives. It will encourage and build your faith as you read these inspiring stories. If you are grieving or confused over life's trials, you  will find comfort in these pages...a great addition to any library."

Pastror RM Lawrence, Sunnyvlae, California

"I can say the story line drew me in right away. The concept of a young girl growing from completing assignents on Earth to hurting souls in need of help and guidance was a compelling and hopeful idea to explore in a world of fiction. Thank you for penning this story, I hope it is widely read!"

Wendy Willoughby, Christian Music Director and avid reader of fiction

"Such a joy to read a well-written book...loved it and look forward to more from you. We all need to know about the protective power of God."

Sister Kathryn Koch, Pastor's wife

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