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Books by Anita Tosh

Anita writes YA Christian fiction, often with an "end time" slant. End time refers to the Biblical time right before Jesus' return. YA stands for Young Adult. My books fall into this category because there is NO cussing and NO sex scenes. Just good reading for all ages.

zellz cover only.png
The Zella Chronicles

ISBN-978-1-58169-610-3 paperback 

(Young Adult --no cussing or sex -- good for all ages)

   Zella gives us hope beyond this life. She shows us how thrilling it will be to have a new body. Like Jesus after his resurrection Zella can appear, disappear, change her appearance and ascend from earth to heaven and back again.

She uses these abilities to help people through some sticky situatuion. She has some surprises of her own as she takes on new missions, each leading to a new adventure.

God's Armory cover
God's Armory
Will You Ride With Him?
(Young Adult --no cussing or sex -- good for all ages)
Why doesn't Amy need her glasses any longer? Where has Birdie disappeared to? And why can't the officers get an aerial picture of the suspected hiding place of the Christians? Read God's Armory for a thrilling end-time adventure and the answer to these and many other questions.
The Book of Jeremy cover
The Book of Jeremy
A Jeremy end-time adventure book
Coming in 2021
(Young Adult --no cussing or sex -- good for all ages)
Jeremy Meyer is just a bratty little brother until he starts having prophetic dreams about the end times. He sees things all around him that connect to the dreams.
Jeremy is part of a large family who live in sustainable Silicon Valley. This Christian family believes in living the Bible. That does not make them closed minded, not by a long shot. And when Jeremy and his sister Anna begin to see flying saucers it is the beginning of a wild end-time adventure.
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