Books by Anita Tosh

Anita writes Christian fiction, often with an end time slant.  No cussing or sex scenes here, just good reading.

The Zella Chronicles

ISBN-978-1-58169-610-3 paperback

This is first in a series of life changing books that give encouragement and hope to the reader. In this book, Zella begins as a small child who wants to grow up. The problem is that she is already in heaven, where all is perfect and there are no challenges to help her to mature. The remedy is to help people still living on earth get through the challenges in their lives. Each chapter is a new adventure for Zella. Watch her scheme and work with Jesus to help people on their way.  

God's Armory
What if Jesus came at the end of the Tribulation?
Things are  not going as most Christians expected. The antichrist is here and they have not been raptured.  Yet, there are a few who look for him still.
First Commandment Apostolic Church is one such group. In this tale of end time calamity and salvation we see a handful of people, who walk closely with Jesus and obey that still small voice.
From start  to finish, God's Armory shows Jesus at work through his saints, the born again believers. God is on the move.
Available February 2019 for reviewers from author. 
Beyond the Veil
A Jeremy end-time adventure book
Coming in 2020
Jeremy is just a bratty little brother until he starts having dreams about the end times, and then they begin coming true.
The Meyer family is an enigma in sustainable Silicon Valley. Not only are they a large family, but they are a very conservative  Christian family. This does not make them closed minded. Not by a long shot. And when Jeremy and his sister Anna begin to see flying saucers it is the beginning of a wild end-time revelation.