New Jeremy Book

Writing nears completion. We will soon be entering the editing stage, and after that I will be looking for beta readers. A beta reader is one of the first to read the completed manuscript after editing. After reading, your job is to write a review which may be used in the advertising of the book and is posted the day of release on Amazon.  

New Venues for Anita's Books

"God's Armory" is now available from Amazon in papwerbook and e-book format. 

Hard cover version is now available as well in libraries. 

Zella Chronicles is now available through; Kobo, ibooks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Google. 

Book Bubbles
New "Book Bubbles" are added regularly to give you a peek into the scene behind the scene and other interesting information about each book. 
CWC Literary Review

A story by Anita Tosh was accepted for print in the CWC Literary review 2019 isue. You can read "The Locked Door" by clicking on the blog button at the top of the page.