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ABOUT the Author

Anita Tosh is a California native, born again holy roller, grandmother of five exceedingly brilliant people, mother of two awesome ladies, and wife of the admirable Terry Tosh.

She was not much of a reader or writer while growing up and never thought she would write a book (she is not even a good speller).  It all started when her husband began to read to her. Anita found out how enjoyable reading can be. They read books by D.E Stevenson. These books were mostly her personal journal made into a book. This inspired Anita to write a journal herself.

After years of journal writing, she was blessed with grandchildren who wanted someone to tell them a story. She found she had a knack for this and often made up a new story for them when they were together.

As they grew to middle school and high school, Anita was appalled at some of the disgusting reading they were given by their school. "I can do better than that," she thought.

And she did.

It took her years of starts and stops, but finally, after self-publishing and traditional publishing, "The Zella Chronicles." and "God's Armory", are ready for you.

the first in the Jeremy series "The Book of Jeremy", is now available in paperback and ebook. This will also be her first book to go to audio format.

Anita also loves to garden, bake, and sew. She is learning Hebrew and would like to build a cob house.