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Secrets of the Altar lesson 5 Power and Light

The Altar of incense, prayer

As we continue our study of the altar of incense as it applies to prayer our attention turns to its extremities. In Exodus 30:3 it reads "...overlay it with gold, pure; its top, and its walls, and all its horns..."

I don't know about you, but having horns on an altar seemed odd to me. So, let's find out why they are there.

The altar has four horns, one at each of the top corners. Four relates to the earth. The earth has four seasons, four directions (north, east, south, and west) and four divisions of the day. This tells me God will hear our prayer anytime and anyplace.

Now a little Hebrew.

The word for horn is qeren (kaw-ran stronogs #7161). Here are some of its meanings:

1.) Projecting like a horn

2.) Like an elephants tooth in appearance

3.) Mountain peak

4.) A corner

5.) A ray of light

6.) A flask

7.) Cornet

Each of these can relate to prayer, starting with projecting, reaching out. When we reach out to God we find strength beyond ourselves, mountain peak experiences, direction at our crossroads (corner), light for our path, refreshing for our soul (flask) and readiness for the trumpet call (cornet), hallelujah!

The letters of this word also have beautiful meanings.

Qoof: back of the head, the least, last

gematria (number value) : 100= promise, grace

Resh: The highest, the first, the most important, supreme, master, leader, prince

gematria: 200= insufficiency of man, sufficiency of GOD, redemption.

Final Noon: activity, life, servant, fish

gematria: (noon) 50= Holy Ghost, Pentecost, deliverance followed by rest, grace multiplied, jubilee.

(final noon) 700= perfect period of rest brought about at exactly at the right time by the sovereign ordinances of GOD.

First the gematria. See how the numbers multiply? 50,100,200,700. And, all their meanings have to do with salvation: Promise, redemption, grace multiplied, Holy Ghost, and perfect peace.

If I were to "read" the letters it could go like this:

When I bow my head before GOD I see I am the least and He is the Greatest. He restores my soul and brings me perfect rest as I trust in HIm.

Thank God for the horns of the altar. They remind us of spiritual riches untold when we remember to come to the master in prayer. Call on the name of Jesus as you take hold of the horns of the altar. Never let go.

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