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Make Your Altar (Lesson 3)

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

We are continuing to look at Exodus 30 in our study on prayer. In verse 1 it begins "And you shall make an altar...". This was not only instructions to Aaron and Moses, but God is also talking to us. We can make an altar anywhere, meaning we can and should pray everywhere and all the time. But we are blessed by having a special place and time that we plan on being with Jesus. One on one time is important for any relationship.

The Hebrew verb used here is "asith" (eyen, shin, yod, tow(tov), S#6213) It means to make or create. This is the plural of asah. (eyen shin, hey) and begins with a vav (or wow) meaning "and".

Now for the fun and exciting part; the letter meanings. As in previous lessons, we will find secrets when we dig into each letter. Here are their meanings:

Vav: connect, and, a hook

eyen: eye, see, look

shin: fire, destruction, teeth, the oneness of God, Holy Ghost

yod: hand, work, drop of water, Spiritual things

tov (tow): cross

We can look at these and "read" the letters' meanings as they apply to prayer. For example: (reading left to right)

"Connect with God and see the work of the cross. "

(reading right to left)

"At the cross, the hand of God destroys (our sin), see, all can come to Him."

Prayer is a place to connect with God and by faith see Him working in our lives and the lives of those we pray for.

Come to the cross. Identify with the work God did on the cross. He died for sin, we die to sin. He gave up His will for the will of the Father, and we can too.

When you are born again of the water (baptism) and the Spirit (receive the Holy Ghost speaking in another language) sin no longer has a hold over you. When you receive the power of the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit), the fire of His Spirit destroys the sin of your past and the waters of baptism wash it all away forever.

Sin separates us from God.

Prayer connects us to God.

Get connected.

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