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Broken People

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Look at all the broken people See them everywhere Broken hearts and broken homes Lives of dark despair

A smiley mask upon their face And greetings hide life's care Problems hidden near their chest No one can see them there

Look at all the broken people You see but may not know The load of pain they carry And hope it doesn't show

At night their pillow's wet with tears Of anguish to be free Not knowing one is waiting, He's The one who holds the key

It's God above who made them He's waiting for the day The time when they'll surrender And give their cares away

Once they look to Jesus He'll make all things right He'll take the broken pieces Scars kept out of sight

He'll weave them with His love and grace Making life brand new Each broken piece, it has its place Assuredly it's true

The darkness of the days gone by The doubt and anger, too Every pain and shard is there To make a brand new you

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