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Built on a... Socket?

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

I am reading in Exodus chapter twenty six about the temple and directions on how it should be made.

I find it amazingly intricate. It is blueprint to end all blueprints. Not only are the measurements and materials specific, but when you look at the Hebrew words used to describe these things, there is so much more to learn from these passages.

For example, let's take a look at the corners. God took special care to describe every little thing about every part of the temple, and this is true for the corners. The size of the planks to be used, type of wood, couplings, etc. but the base is what caught my attention today.

Each corner was made of two planks, each ten cubits by one and a half cubits, or about twenty feet by three feet. That's pretty big. How are we going to keep these things standing? At the top there is one silver ring, and at the bottom there are two silver sockets.

The interesting thing is, that when the scripture got to the part about the sockets, it used the word "eden" (#134) which means: the base of a building, a socket, a foundation. Okay, that's what it is, but look further. Strongs tells us this word is the same as "adon" (#113). Can you guess this meaning? Here it is; sovereign, lord, ruler, master, owner.

Yes, so, here's a little side note, when you say Adonay, or Adonai, you are saying "my lord". That was free. Now back to the temple.

Here is what I want to say about these precious sockets: As you may know, the Bible tells us that we are the temple of GOD (1 Corinthians 3:16) and we are to be wise and build on The Rock (Jesus Christ our Lord, Adonai) .

What we are built on is of great importance. Jesus is the truth, as in The Way, The Truth and The life. If we are not built on the truth of God's word, we are on shifting sand, and we will fall.

But, if we are in Him and He in us, like a plug in a socket, and we have the Holy Ghost electricity flowing from that socket through us, hey, now we have got what it takes to do anything the master requires of us.

The sockets of the Old Testament tabernacle kept it standing just as our foundation in God's Truth keeps us standing in the faith.

Remember, whatever you are standing on is your lord. Let Jesus be Lord of all.

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